Classical-Music Curation (23rd November 2018)


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This is the curation post for the #classical-music community, featuring the best of Classical (and Jazz and folk) posting that has appeared in the Classical-Music tag in the past few days!

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Featured Posts

[“Misty” jazz cello, guitar]( by @montanacellist

[Leo Brouwer – Estudios Sencillos, n17 (Hommaje to @miguelblanco)]( by @guifaquetti

[Leo Brouwer (1939*) – Estudios Sencillos, n1 Movido (Original Recording)]( by @guifaquetti

[There Must Be A Way]( by @shookriya

[Let All Creation (Original Composition)(Draft 1 of Many)]( by @cmp2020


ME Me ME!!!!!

[Wikimedia Commons](

I write about my experiences in playing this [absolutely gorgeous piece by Buxtehude!](


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