Classical-Music Curation (19th July 2018)


Opening Ramble

Well, starting up this curation a touch earlier than I expected as there was enough entries to warrant a post. It’s great to see a different batch of people being featured today, some of whom have posted before in the #classical-music tag but haven’t been around for a while. Also, I’m starting to be a bit more critical as to what gets a vote from the @classical-radio support account, I’m afraid that I really have to stick a little closer to Classical Music (Jazz, Traditional and Folk included), so I can’t really do covers of pop songs!

That said, I will try and support as much as possible as many posts as possible, and leave the best for these curations!


Community information

Please post in #classical-music if you want the support of the two community accounts (@classical-music and @classical-radio). The accounts are manually curated and it is too time consuming to chase posts all over Steemit! Please help us out by flying the community colours, the cut and paste code is the Discord.

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Featured Posts

[Analysis of Rustin High School’s Alma Mater]( by @rgkmb-unofficial

[Primavera Arpegio en Sol Mayor ]( by @danieldedosd2

[Emotional Classical Piano]( by @alexworld

[Leo Brouwer – Estudios Sencillos, n2, Coral (Lento)]( by @guifaquetti

[Celso Machado – Pé de Moleque]( by @flautista

[SONATA FOR GUITAR AND PIANO – in e flat minor]( by @pjcomposer


ME Me ME!!!!!

Heh, I’m a musician that doesn’t write every day about music… Weird!


Admin stuff

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